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Achieve your health & fitness goals with Katarina's

one-on-one or group classes!


Katarina is a certified 200 hr yoga instructor, currently teaching Vinyasa and Yin. She believes in combining the spiritual traditions of the practice with physical rigor in order to cleanse both mind and body. She will soon complete her 300 hr certification, including Advanced Vinyasa, Pilates, Yin, and Pranayama & Meditation (aka Luce Yoga) in order to amplify her experience and class offerings.

Cardio & Core

This strength class uses mostly body weight to get an all around workout. Katarina keeps the exercises dynamic so that students can continually challenge themselves and improve their fitness levels. 

And More 

As a fitness coach, Katarina combines yoga, Pilates, and functional training to create a personalized program for each student. Trained in nutrition, she offers a holistic approach to fitness and healthy eating for weight loss or simply a healthier lifestyle. With the unique OptimumTräning® program, she can also help get rid of chronic pain by correcting muscle imbalances and improving mobility and strength. 

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Katarina Dagerskog teaching a personal training session
Katarina Dagerskog doing yoga
Katarina Dagerskog teaching a strength class

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Chemin de Clair-Joly 36, Lutry, Switzerland 1095

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