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Testimonials from Katarina's students


Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, running, gym, and core... I've never met a workout that I've stuck with... until Katarina. It's thanks to her excellence and passion as an instructor that I've been motivated to drive 15 km in traffic, rain, or snow to show up on the mat twice a week for the past three years! Yoga or core-training, Katarina's classes are challenging and fun. She is an extremely professional, supportive, and inspiring trainer and, above all, she is kind and really, truly gives her best! Katarina's classes have not only been an education in fitness and strength, but therapy for the soul!

- Shivani, Yoga, Cardio & Core, and personal training 

Classes with Katarina are fun and I always look forward to them. She guarantees easy to follow instructions, variety, innovation, and the motivation to really be and stay present with oneself while spending the time on the mat.

- Anne, Yoga and Core & Cardio


I have been doing yoga with Katarina since she started teaching. I love her classes! They are very varied and she is conscientious about warming up, stretching, and preparing the body for different yoga positions. We do some meditation and breathing exercises and she always provides different yoga options for different levels. She is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and is constantly expanding this knowledge through courses and training. 

- Jeanine, Yoga 

Je voulais juste te remercier pour le bien que tu m'as fait pendant ces dernières années. Le début fut un peu compliqué pour me motiver et m'entrainer avec un cours de personal training une fois par semaine, mais cela fut de courte durée. Très vite j'ai pu voir les bienfaits et j'ai été tout à fait conquise. Actuellement les cours de fitness réguliers me manquent terriblement. Quelle chance que tu fasses des cours par skype pendant cette période de confinement. Encore une fois un grand merci pour tes cours motivants.

- Valérie, personal training

Katarina Dagerskog, Fitness and Wellness Coach
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