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Katarina Dagerskog at a cycling race
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Get to know Katarina

Katarina's unique combination of exercise, nutrition, and postural therapy expertise allow her to offer students comprehensive fitness and wellness coaching. 

Katarina Dagerskog started Fit and Fab seven years ago, but has been teaching fitness classes for over 12 years. She is certified to teach a range of exercise forms—yoga, Pilates, and spinning—and is a certified fitness trainer. Katarina has a PhD in Food Engineering and a certificate in Human Nutrition from the CHUV. She is currently completing a certification in OptimumTraining®, a method with high rates of success that relieves chronic pain and improves mobility and strength. This is achieved through a unique training program that reactivates deep postural and stabilizing muscles. Every week, Katarina loves getting her students results and ensuring that they leave her classes feeling stronger and more confident.

Originally from the south of Sweden, Katarina has lived in Switzerland since 2000. Fitness and sports have always been an important part of her life, particularly hiking, skiing, running, and going to the gym. In 2012, after getting cross-ligament knee surgery, Katarina trained for the 300 km Vätternrundan cycling race in Sweden. This made her fall in love with road cycling and, in 2015, she completed the Haute Route race from Nice to Geneva (850 km long with 21,000 m of climbing). This experience showed her, more than ever, that physical activity is not about winning, but about the joy of overcoming challenges and pushing yourself to the next level.

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